Sarah Joan Mokhtar (born in Petaling Jaya, 1983) is a nationally and internationally recognized Malaysian artist and illustrator.

Sarah is inspired by her Irish and Malay family roots, literature, comics, fine art , pop culture, technology, poetry, mythology , the esoteric, feminism and above all , a life-long passionate love of drawing.

Her energetically confident , bold yet sensitive linework and harmonious mixed media compositions are the result of an inner striving to fill the solitude of her often lonely mixed-race childhood and to bring balance the restless East-West dichotomy of her upbringing.

She accepts that the yearning for connection, harmony and identity as a biracial ,third-culture-individual in a tumultuous and exciting world is a challenge and a gift to transcend limited notions of Self, and to find joy, comfort and belonging in the similarities that all humans share – and to learn that the essence of humanity and its survival is to connect , communicate and create.

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“Best Music Album Cover”

For illustration work on Disagree music album

Malaysian Music Industry Awards 2010

“First Runner Up”

British Council In-Print Competition 2006

“Associate Artist-in-Residence”

Atlantic Center For The Arts 2010